Short Stay Accommodation

Short Stay Accommodation in Melbourne—One Bedroom to Three Bedroom Apartments and Three to Five Bedroom Houses – Business, Pleasure, Renovating Or Rebuilding?

If you plan to short stays in Melbourne, a short-term accommodation in an apartment or house is a great choice to allow you to experience the vibrancy and culture our local areas or of the Melbourne, along with the amenities and privacy of your own space. Many choose a short stays accommodation, not just for the accessibility to Melbourne shopping or nightlife, café and restaurants but for the incredible views. Whether your visit is for business or pleasure, rebuilding or renovating a short term accommodation can be a great fit and many come with an indoor pool and gym in the building. You can also opt for a lovely modern design short stays apartment that overlooks the Docklands with a full dining area and luxury gym.

Great Short Stays Accommodation in Melbourne

Great Value Apartments To Rent In Melbourne

Renting a short stays apartment in Melbourne doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether you plan to head to the beach or visit the Melbourne City Waterfront, you can do more and see more with the money you saved. You can find a fully equipped 2-bedroom apartment with access to the building’s spa and workout facilities for a great deal. If you only need 1 bedroom, you can find that as well, with a kitchen stocked with cookware and utensils and a walled garden by the front door. In fact, you can even find short stay apartments located right on the coast with room-to-room wood floors and a private patio.

Melbourne 1-Bedroom Short Stays Apartments

Whether you are a solo traveller or a couple looking for a holiday retreat, Melbourne has many 1-bedroom short stay apartments that can suit your needs. If you are a minimalist, a 1-bedroom short term apartment with all the kitchen amenities you need might be best. A luxurious CBD Serviced Apartments Melbourne apartment with a luxury sofa and spacious bathroom is also available. One popular short-term accommodation is a modern chic apartment with sleek white walls, modern furniture, cool accessories and slim lined cabinets that has wooden floors throughout and a welcoming open floor plan. You may want to choose a 1-bedroom apartment with room to sleep up to 5 that’s fully stocked with kitchen goods and appliances, that you would find at home, along with laundry amenities and breathtaking views.

Relax in A 2-bedroom Melbourne Short Stays Apartment

Melbourne is an awesome city to experience for the food, history and culture, and you can have a recharge holiday that also has a little space to spread out. A very popular destination for travellers is the Melbourne Museum, and if you are coming as a family or group, a 2-bedroom short stay might be your best bet. You could pick a place that sleeps 5 and has an spacious open design with kitchen, dining room and living room all open plan all fitting together, which also includes access to an outdoor pool and gym facilities. If you enjoy being the family chef, all the short term apartments have full kitchen spaces, including all the utensils and cookware, you would have in your own kitchen. A second bathroom is always nice, and there is an short- term apartment that has a cool and sleek tiled bathroom and lively bedroom decor.

Bring The Whole Family With A 3-Bedroom Melbourne Short Stays Apartment and Houses

When you have a larger group that needs a place to stay, a short stay apartment or hous is a fantastic choice. You can find many 3-bedroom short-term apartments and houses throughout the Melbourne region, with every type of amenity imaginable. You can sleep 7 in a 3-bedroom and 2-bath apartment that pure elegance, with luxury sofas and a lighting that’s located throughout the building. If you want your short stay apartment to feel like your home away from home, you can choose a tastefully decorated spot with modern art and plants throughout.